Please follow all aftercare instructions carefully and watch the tutorial at the bottom of this page to ensure the best results.

On the day of your appointment, you can just enjoy your new brows and let them be. Day One of your aftercare will start the morning after!


SCABBING PERIOD(10-14 DAYS): Your tattoo will be 30%-50% darker and more defined than they will be when healed. Your brows may also be more dry than usual and 'flake' as they heal. You need to gently 'wash' your tattoo with cool water and your aftercare soap and follow with your provided aftercare ointment. Do this twice a day for 10-14 days or until all of your scabbing has shed. Watch the tutorial at the bottom of this page for a visual example! You will also need to avoid direct water and sun, as well as makeup and skincare products on your brows during this time.

POST-SCABBING PERIOD (15-30 days): Your tattoo will look significantly lighter, patchy and sometimes non-existent after the scabs have shed. The skin is still healing and is very thick, distorting the true appearance of your tattoo until 4 weeks have surpassed. Give your tattoo a good finger scrub with your aftersoap and lukewarm water once your scabbing has all shed naturally. You can resume your normal routine after your scabbing has shed, but make sure to apply sunscreen to your brow tattoos daily from this point forward. This will help prolong the life of your tattoo and keep it fresh for much longer, as sun exposure will fade your tattoo significantly.


- Never use cotton pads or Q-tips to wash or apply your ointment as the cotton fibers can pull at your healing tattoo and result in loss of pigment. 

- Make sure to avoid chemical peels or harsh exfoliants for 4 weeks following your sessions.

- One pump of foaming wash and a rice sized amount of ointment is enough for BOTH brows. Do not over use.​

- Book your regular Brow Shaping or Lamination services to keep those brow tattoos looking fresh

- Avoid using face makeup on top of the tattoo to allow your ink to shine!

Cosmetic Tattoos are a two, sometimes multiple step process. Do not expect to see perfect results after your first session! If you are a First Time Client, your brows will be created in an average of 4 steps:​

1. first session = 1/4 complete

2. healed after first session = 1/2 complete

3. touch up session = 3/4 complete

4. healed brows = complete

*these steps vary per client but reflect our most common results*

Brow Healing Card.png

If you have any questions that come up while you are healing, please contact Dakota directly!