Your tattoo may need multiple removal sessions depending on your desired healed results and existing tattoo. Please follow all aftercare instructions carefully to ensure the best results.

The most important thing is to allow your tattoo to heal naturally.

You will need to avoid direct water and sun on the area for 14 days following your appointment, as well as avoiding them when applying skincare products or cosmetics.

WEEK 1 AND 2: Your tattoo will be scabbing. You may notice blood and ink will 'ooze' from the skin, this is normal. You will need to blot the area gently with your provided aftercare solution 2-4 times daily.

WEEK 3 AND 4: Once all of the scabbing has shed naturally, apply your provided aftercare oil on the area 2-4 times daily after washing with your provided aftercare soap and keep the area clean.

*aftercare video tutorial coming soon*


If you have any questions that come up while you are healing, please contact Dakota directly!