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Who Does NOT Qualify For A Cosmetic Tattoo?

Today we are taking a look into contraindications for Cosmetic Tattoo services. These are common reasons that will prevent you from qualifying for a service/treatment!

Sometimes we are able to work around the condition but there are also some that fall under the 'no go' title too. Let's start with clients who cannot book for Cosmetic Tattoos at any time.

The first is because of 3 reasons. Legality, Insurance Coverage and Possibility of Risk(bodily harm/poor results) are the three factors that I consider when taking on a tattoo client. Cosmetic Tattoos are still tattoos and because we work within the skin as well as with numbing agents, there are always risks involved when going ahead with these services.

The following list will show you who cannot book due to it being illegal, not covered by my insurance or are extremely high risk(bodily harm/risk of infection):

  • under 18 years old

  • currently pregnant or breast feeding

  • history of keloid scarring

  • HIV/hepatitis positive

  • high risk allergy to heavy metals, lidocaine or epinephrine

  • sunburned skin in the area of tattoo

Now we do have some wiggle room with these next conditions, they just have to be done within a time frame that is safe for the client as well as to ensure the best results possible.

Take a look at the list below for conditions that require time frames for booking:

  • undergoing chemotherapy/radiation (must wait 1 year after finishing)

  • using Accutane (must wait 1 year after finishing)

  • receiving chemical peels, laser treatments, microneedling or microdermabrasion (must wait 6 weeks prior and 6 weeks post tattoo)

  • using Retinol (must cease use 1 week prior and 6 weeks post tattoo)

  • receiving Botox/Filler (must wait 2 weeks prior and 6 weeks post tattoo)

Finally we come to the last conditions, which are taken on a case to case basis. These conditions can cause excessive bleeding which pushes the pigment and numbing gel out of the skin while I work and can make it nearly impossible for me to clearly see where my tools are going into the skin. This can lead to poor results, poor pigment retention, scarring, bruising and discomfort for you.

Here are the conditions that clients can still book with, but must agree to additional risk consent forms and understand that in the event that they experience excessive bleeding, their appointment will be cancelled. If we ever have to cancel due to excessive bleeding, you will not be required to pay the remaining balance of your appointment the day of your session and I will do my best to work with you and find a brow routine that suits your skin!

Conditions that can be worked with cautiously:

  • high blood pressure

  • heart conditions

  • diabetes

  • prescribed blood thinning medication

It's never easy to turn away a client, but with safety and respect in mind, I always stick with the honest approach and let my clients know what to expect if they have contraindications or do not qualify for Cosmetic Tattoos. It is not a service to be taken lightly as it is a form of face tattoo!

If you have any questions about any contraindications you may have, book in for a consultation with me so we can chat and figure out how to get you the brows of your dreams!

Sending you love and kindness,


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