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Which Cosmetic Tattoo Style Is For You?

Hello! Welcome to my first blog post with PRISM INK and thank you for reading!

Something I get asked all the time is 'which brow style should I book in for?' so I wanted to make it easier for you to choose before booking in!

I offer 3 different Cosmetic Brow Tattoos that are most different in regards to appearance. My first task is always to find out if you fill in your brows with makeup every day or if you leave them natural!

If you don't fill your brows in or have very little/no brow hair, Microblading will be the best option for you. This tattoo is meant to mimic the look of a hair stroke, which gives a 'grew them myself' vibe. This is by far the most natural looking option and is also best for anyone who is nervous about the result being too dramatic. My fave rule of thumb: we can always add more, but we cannot take it away after it's done.

If you do fill in your brows every day, there are 2 options that may fit for your brow style:

First is Combo Brows, which is a combo of Microblading and Machine Shading for the perfect blend of a natural front and full, defined tail. This is a great option for anyone with good brows that lack density or anyone with the classic 90's 'Nike' brow. No shade to your 90's tweeze game, but to get those brows back to full, you'll need some shading to keep your density even!

Last option is Powder Brows which is the most 'dramatic' in terms of appearance. I use the word 'dramatic' lightly, because if done correctly any of these techniques can have an everyday vibe. The only difference is which kind of effect you want. Powder Brows mimic the look of a fully 'filled in with makeup' brow with 100% machine shading. This is a great choice for anyone that is used to filling in their brows every day and likes the powdery, makeup look as well as anyone with full brows that just wants to sharpen up their shape.

I hope this post helps narrow down your best brow style! If you want more info, feel free to enroll in the Client Crash Courses on my website or book in for a Contactless/In-Person Consultation to chat with me directly!

Sending you love and kindness,


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