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What's The Difference Between Cosmetic + Restorative Tattoos

Let's start our week off with some tattoo info! I want to help you to better understand the differences between my tattoo menu categories so that you can feel confident when booking your appointments!

The first big difference is in the goal of the services.

Cosmetic Tattoos are meant to mimic the appearance of the cosmetic products we use every day. These services are meant to save you time and money in the long run by giving you the look you love without the effort every morning. This category of tattoo replaces your brow makeup, lipstick, eyeliner or freckle paints so that you can spend more time focussing on the important things.

Restorative Tattoos are meant to mimic natural features that have been removed, distorted or altered due to medical conditions, surgery or skin conditions. These services fall under the 'paramedical' title because they are linked to the above causes. My current menu includes Radiation Marker Camouflage which is a post-radiation treatment tattoo that turns blue marker tattoos to brown freckles and helps cancer survivors move forward from treatment. There are many services that fall under this category, many of which will be coming to the PRISM INK menu in 2022!

Another differentiating factor is the appearance of the tattoos.

Cosmetic Tattoos can often be done as dramatic or as natural looking as you want. Bold brows, bright lipsticks, winged liner or a fully freckled face can be done as easily as minimal brows, 'your lips but better' lip blush, eyelash enhancements or simple freckles. The result possibilities are endless.

Restorative Tattoos can still be tailored to your unique needs, but the results are often much better when you go for a hyper-realistic approach. We want the healed tattoo looking like you were born with it every time and the colour theory behind these services is much more intensive!

The last major difference between the tattoo categories is the longevity of the results.

Cosmetic Tattoos all require annual(9-36 months) refresh appointments to keep the appearance looking fresh and up-to-date. Without annual maintenance, these tattoos are meant to fade completely in appearance over time.

Restorative Tattoos should be approached as traditional body tattoos. The results are meant to be permanent and should not require any annual maintenance. The odd client may experience some fading over a 10-20 year span depending on skincare and the condition of the skin that was tattooed, but should be otherwise worry free when it comes to their results.

There you have it! The low down on why my tattoo services are categorized as they are. Keep an eye on my service menu in the next few months for exciting additions to the Restorative Tattoo category, I can't wait to continue this journey into paramedical services!

Sending you love and kindness,


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