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What My Average Admin Day Looks Like

Hi! Welcome to this week's Facts With Dak!

This week I am giving you an inside look at what a typical 'Admin Day' is for me! These are penciled into my schedule every Monday, which keeps me up to date on all of my tasks and gives me adequate time to complete all of my to-do list items without rushing and missing things!

Keep reading to get a peek at how I maximize my time for Business or Personal tasks and my exact schedule for every Monday!

I always start my day with a bit of meditation. Whether it's five minutes or sixty, I take time to practice gratitude and set intentions for the day ahead. I naturally wake up around 7:30-8am, get cozy in bed and go through my personal affirmations, followed by silent meditation of any form. I do a full body stretch as soon as I get out of bed, wash my face(+tone+moisturize+spf, duh), put my hair up for the day and put on a cozy sweatsuit. I like to spend my first couple of hours easing into things to set a relaxed and positive energy for my day! If I feel like it, I'll do a 30-45 minute weight workout with a protein shake to get the blood flowin a bit extra! I follow this with some lemon ginger tea and a big bottle (32oz) of cool water. I try my best to by done the first water bottle by the time I start my 'work day' at 10am.

Once the beginning of the work day starts, I open up my task list on my list app (any checklist app will do, I used MinimaList so I can have multiple lists on the go). Anything that needs to be done in the following 6-7 days gets done on Monday if it can be, so I organize them in the order of importance and just work my way down!

This list usually includes:

  • finance overviews from the week before

  • email/DM/text message read through

  • check and have all websites updated if needed

  • write & post the weekly blog post

  • prepare/film & approve social media content for the week

  • go through studio inventory & place any necessary orders

  • work on new secret studio services/projects

I take a break in the early afternoon to either make something to eat or head out and pick something up while I run any errands! By this point I have refilled my water bottle 2-3 times and I'm ready to tackle any personal tasks!

Once I have completed my work list for the day, I move on to a few things that help set me up for the week. I go through the same list for this every week and it looks like this:

  • wash any laundry in my hamper

  • clean up any dishes from Sunday night

  • do a quick dust and vacuum to deal with George's fluff (this actually happens every 1-2 days thanks to his extremely large and fluffy self)

  • wash all bedding and towels

  • get groceries for the week

I love the feeling of a clean home and fresh space to step into the week with. Plus, my partner works longer hours than me so it allows me to show some extra appreciation by knocking a couple things off of our home list, giving us more time to hang out together in the evenings!

I am usually done all of my tasks around 3-3:30pm which gives me an hour or two to either have a bath, watch some tv or play some video games! It may sound like way too much to tackle in day, but most of these things only take me 10-15 minutes at a time so it goes by quickly and I LOVE how accomplished I feel at the end of the day! I enter my week of client's with all of my tasks completed and can just enjoy the week as it comes. It also ensures that everything to do with my business is organized and well kept for an easier experience, artist and client-wise.

And that is a run down of how I spend my typical Admin Monday each week! I highly recommend designating a day to complete your behind the scenes tasks so that you don't forgot anything and keep your stress levels low! There's nothing worse than realizing you forgot to place an inventory order, don't have anything to post for the week or didn't properly keep your tax receipts for tax season! Try making a list of tasks to complete and scheduling out time specifically to cross off the items on that list. You'll be SO glad you did!

Sending you love and kindness,


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