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What Is Radiation Marker Camouflage?

Today is an exciting one! I started my journey with Cosmetic Tattoos to eventually take the step into Restorative Tattoos and it feels surreal that the first service on that list is here!

I am so proud to introduce this incredible service to my menu and help transform difficult reminders into every day beauty marks.

Radiation markers are tattooed spots in blue or black ink that are implanted for the process of radiation treatment. These spots are used to place the required equipment and they aid the provider in ensuring it is perfectly placed for each treatment without having to map them out every time the patient comes in. They can often be a difficult or unpleasant reminder of the painful journey of battling cancer, but can be easily and quickly camouflaged to look like beauty marks/freckles by a knowledgeable restorative tattoo artist.

The pre-care for this service is easy, just avoid non-prescription blood thinners, caffeine and alcohol for 24hrs prior to your appointment. Your aftercare consists of changing your tattoo bandage 2 days after the service, and removing that bandage on day 7. You will need to wash and moisturize your tattoo for 7 days following with your provided aftersoap and ointment but can resume your normal routine aside from rubbing or picking at the tattoo.

The appointment for this service takes about 15 minutes. We'll cleanse the skin, select the proper pigment to camouflage your radiation marker tattoos, quickly and efficiently use a tattoo machine to implant the pigment, wipe/cleanse the skin and cover with a tattoo bandage. I have chosen to offer this service at no charge because it is a transformative and rewarding option for cancer survivors, a cause that is very close to my heart.

I can't wait to share my restorative tattoos with you and add to this sector of my menu in the new year! My gratitude for this work is immense, I am so honoured to provide such life changing and rewarding services to my community!

Sending you love and kindness,


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