• Dakota Danyluk

The Lowdown on Corrective Tattoos

Let's talk corrections!

Some artists will not accept clients who have previous PMU or Cosmetic Tattoo work done and that is for the simple fact that corrective work can be extremely difficult and unpredictable.

This is due to a few factors that I will outline for you below! Keep reading to find out why corrections are accepted on a case to case basis and what my policies for corrections consist of!

The biggest reason that many artists will not work over previous tattoos is because of materials used. Most times we do not know what pigment, tools or aftercare products were given to you during your first ever experience with Cosmetic Tattoos. If we enter the skin with different pigments or products, we run the risk of adverse reactions between pigment makeups as well as incredibly unpredictable colour results. We can't give a good estimate of what colour the work will heal too because we do not know the colour make up of the original pigment used. Some work together seamlessly, some will turn undesirable colours like green, pink, orange or blue. Depending on the degree of discolouration, some can be covered and corrected by skilled artists and some may require removal services first.

Another reason that corrections can be difficult is uneven or undesirable shape. While some are easy to fix up with a bit of shading or a couple strokes, if the tattoo is wildly uneven or has healed way above or below the natural brow, it can be very difficult to correct without undergoing some form of removal services first.

The last significant reason that can impact an artists decision to take on a correction client is the amount of pigment in the skin. If the tattoo is still heavily saturated with pigment, not only can it distort the look of any work that you put on top, but it may not show up at all once things heal due to a high pigment load under the skin. This can also cause discolouration and in some cases scar tissue can build up if the skin is tattooed too frequently or before the previous work has faded enough to be worked over. You can end up with two brows, botched lips or crayon coloured eyeliner if you aren't careful with your choice of artist.

All reputable artists will make sure to have you in for a consultation before accepting any corrective work. This way they are able to assess the existing work, see the colour/shape/pigment saturation and determine whether or not they can achieve your desired results within your budget and without any removal services. Some Cosmetic Tattoos will require removal services to ensure your skin is cared for you that your desired results are attainable!

I offer complimentary and required consultations for anyone who is looking to book in for Corrective Tattoos to ensure we have time to discuss your options and set up a plan to get your the results you're looking for. I will always do my best to help you on your way there while keep your skin as healthy as possible!

Sending you love and kindness,


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