• Dakota Danyluk

The Importance of Tattoo Pre-Care

Pre-Care! Just as important as aftercare, but not as widely discussed. Keep reading to learn what I recommend when preparing for any tattoo service and why!

I recommend avoiding non-prescription blood thinners, caffeine and alcohol 24hrs before your appointment to help with excessive bleeding. While I do not work terribly deep in the skin, it is possible that there can be minimal, pinpoint bleeding depending on the client! If a client has excessive bleeding while I attempt to tattoo, it can make the area extremely difficult to see clearly. This is dangerous because it is easy to make a mistake that is then unable to be removed. Excessive bleeding can also 'push out' the numbing agents and pigment, meaning you will be very uncomfortable and your results will be patchy or non existent.

The other recommendation I give my clients when preparing for tattoos is to avoid using any Retinol products on the tattoo area for a MINIMUM of 1 week prior to your appointment. It can make the skin extremely sensitive and difficult to tattoo. Use of Retinol can also cause your skin to become more irritated during the service leading to more discomfort for you during and after.

Every tattoo artist will have their own individual preference for each service they offer. It's extremely important to follow them as closely as possible to ensure that you get the best results and are able to be comfortable and happy during the service!

Sending you love and kindness,


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