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The Importance Of Tattoo Aftercare

Hello! I hope you had a great week and are heading into a weekend full of joy and relaxation!

Today I'm talking about aftercare and why I stress the importance of it at every opportunity.

In short, the aftercare instructions given to you by your chosen artist are provided to ensure your healing process goes as smoothly as possible. This will help to give you the best results, as well as make the healing process as minimal as possible which means you don't need to worry about it looking dramatic.

You will need to avoid direct water on your tattoo for 14 days. Allowing your tattoo to be saturated with water while it is in the 'scabbing' phase of healing is detrimental because it can cause your scabs to lift prematurely, taking the pigment underneath with them. This means you'll have patchy, uneven results. Same goes for picking or pulling at hair, skin or scabs on your tattoo while it heals.

Avoiding sun exposure (more than 15min in direct sun) is important for the opposite reason. If your tattoo is exposed to prolonged, direct sun exposure it can alter the colour of the pigment and darken your tattoo up to 70%. This is detrimental for obvious reasons and is often only fixable with removal services.

Retinol is an enemy of PMU and Tattoos because it can make the skin extremely sensitive and more prone to injury. It's easier to enter the skin at the wrong depth while tattooing and can create more irritation and discomfort for you, during and after the service. Make sure you are stopping use of it in the area that will be tattooed a MINIMUM of one week prior to your appointment.

It may seem daunting, but taking care of your investment can make or break your results!

If you'd like to read a complete breakdown of my aftercare instructions to prepare for an upcoming appointment or to plan for a future booking, check out my full website and click the 'Aftercare' button in the menu!

Sending you love and kindness,


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