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Small Changes = Big Results

We've all heard the saying 'It's the little things that matter most', but how can we apply this to our work?

In todays post, I'll be sharing the small changes that I have made in my day to day routine that have made a big difference in my personal AND professional life!

I love to talk about the importance of self care because I truly believe that we cannot give our energy to anything fully if we are not full ourselves. Keep reading to find out which small habits I can't live without.

First is daily journalling. Whether it's free thoughts, guided writing or goal setting, this habit helps me keep my head on straight. I've always been a lover of literature, and have always had a passion for writing of all kinds. This outlet allows me to clear my mind and step into the day with a strong ability to focus. Brain fog or over active thoughts can cloud your judgement and cause you to rush or act impulsively. Your work and you will suffer if you aren't able to find a healthy outlet for your mind.

Next is drinking water. This seems straight forward, but boy does it take me a lot to stay consistent with it. I carry my water bottle everywhere with me and try to get a minimum of 1 gallon/day. My skin is healthier, I don't feel as weighed down or sluggish and I binge late night snacks much less when I'm properly hydrated. All of these things contribute to how I show up every day. If I feel yucky and weak, I can't do my job to the best of my ability. If you are in the beauty industry, your body will only take you as far as you allow it. Get that H2O in ya and try to keep your caffeine intake to a minimum.

The third habit is actively practicing gratitude, especially when you don't want too. The power of feeling grateful for moments of joy, no matter the size, can improve your happiness x10. I know it may sound a little woo woo, but it works. Express gratitude in a genuine way throughout your day and your days will continuously improve. Say thank you for your morning coffee, say thank you for your loved ones and say thank you for anything that makes you smile! The words you say, thoughts you think and actions you take that are repetitive contribute to a large portion of how you carry yourself through the day. Take care of your energy so that you can share positivity with those around you and bring in like-minded clientele!

Next up is moving your bod for at least 20 min a day! Whether it's a bit of yoga in the morning or training for a marathon, move your beautiful body daily. Not for a number on the scale or to fit into an outfit, but to keep your muscles and bones spry and ready for life's adventures. Our bodies do so much for us, every second of every day. Go for a walk, do a 10 min stretch or just dance around your kitchen for a minute. Your body deserves the care that a little bit of movement can give it and it will reward you by carrying you through many years of comfortable work because of it.

While we're on the topic of bodies. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yours that you love it. From your head to your toes. Be your own biggest hype man and give yourself the compliments you would give to your friends. You deserve love and care and to be seen as you are. The result of continuous, positive self talk is mind blowing. Our thoughts are powerful, so you need to be careful with them. This one relates back to feeling gratitude, so turn it around and aim it at yourself. You've made it this far, you can make it to wherever you are heading and you deserve to believe that too.

This next one isn't the easiest because unfortunately mental health care access is limited. BUT, I do have to include it because it has made one of the greatest impacts on my life to date, regardless of how often I've taken part in it.

Enter: therapy. Not because I'm 'crazy', but because our mind deserves care and attention just as our bodies do. There can be such a stigma around going to therapy, but it isn't just for helping those who struggle with their mental health. Chatting with friends, clients and family can help work through small issues, but trusting in a professional that has the acute knowledge to directly help goes above and beyond what your loved ones can offer. Therapy is a fantastic tool that can be used to explore who you are, find and acknowledge pieces of you that need to be improved and sort through anything that may be negatively impacting your life. Whether you go for in-person weekly sessions, over the phone once a month or pop in for an online session every once in a while to set things straight, any form of therapy for your mind with a trained professional will be beneficial. Finding out who you are and how you operate can be incredibly rewarding. This work is NOT easy, but it is SO worth it to be your healthiest self from the inside out.

Lastly we have: active down time. I know that's an oxymoron but hear me out. Set time aside to be present. Put your phone down for the hour before you sleep. Stay off of Instagram for the first hour you're awake. Spend time being present and separate from your devices. As business owners and as humans, we have a tendency to get running so far ahead that we can't slow down and appreciate our lives in the moment. Your eyes, mind and neck will also thank you for unplugging for a while, whenever you can. Social Media is such a small part of life, it shouldn't be ruling over yours.

And that's a wrap for this weeks Facts With Dak. Remember to make time for yourself, make small changes and slowly you will see the big results. The little things add up!

Sending you love and kindness,


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