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Reel Hacks + Apps I Can't Live Without

Back at it this week with another helpful post! Today's topic is : REELS!

Some of us love them, some of us hate them but we can't deny the power of a Reel when it can take your engagement and reach much further than your posts!

I was pretty hesitant to start making Reels because I had no idea where to start. While using the Instagram app directly is the best way to get the most out of it's algorithm power, it isn't the only way to create one.

So let's talk apps. My favorite video editing app is InShot. It's free to use, super user friendly and has tons of great features to take any video you film to the next level. I upload videos to InShot to clip and paste them together, add borders/filters/effects to my videos, add my logo or other photos and add music if it's unavailable on Instagram. Like I said, tons of great features.

The other app that I love for creating Reels and Reel components is Canva. I use this for any graphics that I want to customize and add to the video as well as any special effects or -templated advertisements. There is a free and paid version and in my opinion, the paid version is absolutely worth the investment. 10/10 recommend.

Once you've taken a walk through those apps, take your videos and put them together outside of the Instagram app. Once it's ready, open up Insta, click the + symbol in the top right corner and select Reel.

Then: Upload your video, make any adjustments that you may want to make, add in the music that is featured in the audio section on the left hand side of the Reel creator if you're doing so and hit the preview button. If you're ready to post, go ahead with the usual caption, location and tagging biz and post that baby!

If you're using audio where you're impersonating someone or lip syncing a monologue/dialogue, please for the love of cheese: say the words out loud when you film it. Not only will this help you to nail the timing more accurately but it will look much more convincing than if you're just trying to make your mouth look like the words being said. A simple but game changing tip I learned as a young gal in acting classes that has helped me nail impressions and 'lip syncing' on a stage for many years!

The era of social media that we currently live in is based on human connection. We are experiencing a time with limited personal engagement and limited physical connection with others due to the pandemic. We go to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc to feel connected with other people around the world. Making your connection with your audience, whether it's for business or your personal life, is so much easier when you lean into it. People respond to things they can relate too and things that make them feel good. Provide high quality entertainment, knowledge or personal connection to really boost your reach online.

Act it out!

Even if you weren't a drama nerd in highschool like me, you can still push yourself a smidge to put on a character for a minute or two. I'm sure you have a 'customer service voice' or 'grandma persona' that you slightly take on when interacting in certain situations just like I do. Use that to your advantage and call that side of you to center stage. Reels are important because they provide and boost engagement with audiences so make sure that the content you're putting out is engaging to your ideal audience.

That's all for this week my peeps, I'll keep it short and sweet as we head into the last few weeks before Christmas!

Wishing you all a warm and cozy Monday, drive safe out there!

Sending you love and kindness,


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