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Holy Grail Products That Changed My Healed Results

Happy Friday everyone! Today I want to share some amazing products with you all that have truly impacted my healed results in the best way possible!

Over the last year I have seen a huge improvement in my healed results when clients come back for their 6-8 week touch ups and I can confidently say that these products have been a major part of that success! Please note, I am not affiliated, sponsored or compensated for any of these products. I genuinely have searched, ordered and used everything in this post myself with my own money and have zero deals with any of the brands. They are all just truly that awesome and I love them so much that I had to share the deets! Keep reading to get the breakdown on why these products will improve your results and why I love them so much as an artist!

The first product I have to talk about is Cosmetic Ink Soap. Cute packaging, a super sweet and badass company owner and incredible results. Not only do I love using this product but my clients love the smell and how helpful it is while they heal at home!

I use this soap while I tattoo, to wipe off pigment and numbing cream between passes (and during esthetics services for removing tint, etc!). The ingredients are all natural and soothe redness in the skin SO quickly, I was amazed the first time I used it. Mix it according to the instructions on the bottle and saturate your water wipes or sterile cotton pads for use during the service. It removes pigment like a breeze, so you're wiping less and in turn you are reducing the irritation to your clients skin even more. It smells gentle but has a touch of a herbal edge to it, which gives your client the comfort in knowing that it is helping them heal their tattoo when they use it (without hurting even the most sensitive of noses).

Speaking of aftercare, let your clients know to use it once (or twice for very dry skin) daily before applying your chosen aftercare ointment. This will help stop the build up of lymph fluid, which is the main cause of the scary scabbing that Google loves to bring up when you search 'tattoo healing'. If you don't have a build up of lymph fluid, your scabbing will be minimal and your healed results will be more crisp and true to colour instead of patchy or blurry.

This soap is literal magic and I cannot say enough good things about it. I get mine from Hyve Beauty and you should too.

The next group of products I want to discuss is all from Ink & Arch Pro, which is a lovely studio company based in Kelowna, BC. I have taken multiple trainings with them and they are truly passionate about their work and products. The reflection of that passion is obvious the second you open an Ink & Arch package to find the coolest branding I've seen yet. Something about this company and brand that I love is that they motivate like it's their day job. You feel empowered scrolling through their website or social media and you can't help but get excited about working with their products because of it.

The first Ink & Arch game changer I want to tell you about is their Thick & Creamy Pigments. They don't spill all over because the consistency is P E R F E C T. Seriously. It glides through the skin with your blade smoothly, it wipes off like a dream, doesn't dry out in your pigment ring and heals wildly true to colour that it's almost magic (or maybe it is). You don't have to worry about results being too ashy or too warm, these babies heal exactly how you expect and the consistency means your product will go much further when you use the correct amount! A little goes a long way with how pigmented and creamy they are. I was also SO pleased to find and use an amazing 'Silver' Pigment from this line that won't go super ashy on you when it heals. It matches perfectly with salt & pepper hair, grey hair and white hair which expands your client demographic as well. The entire line is absolutely beautiful, I could rave about it for hours!

Not only does Ink & Arch have wonderful pigments, but their tools and aftercare products are also top tier. I use their microblades, machine, cartridges, mapping tools, service implements AND aftercare ointment. They are my number one supplier, which is such a blessing when it comes time to re-up on my stock!

The microblades cut through the skin like butter and the machine is lightweight and easy to maneuver while you work. My hands have experienced some medical issues over the years and I haven't had any additional soreness or aching after using this with clients like I have with the couple other machines I've tried.

Their mapping products are perfect for getting accurate, crisp outlines before you start tattooing and they have all of the cotton tips, mascara wands, pigments rings and other implements you need to complete a service. It's the best one-stop shop out there!

As for aftercare ointment, this stuff is perfection. It's lightweight, non-greasy and a little bit goes a looooooong way! One of their tubes lasts my clients BOTH sessions for first time appointments, and a lot of my Annual Refresh clients continue to use it on any broken skin, chapped lips and more after they've finished healing! Plus, the branding is so flippin' cute/chic that you can't help but love it! I have my clients apply it after using their aftersoap and it keeps your tattoo moisturized without being heavy or shiny. That ensures that your healed results will be crisp and your client will have minimal scabbing and no itchy feeling while they heal.

The last product on the list is Brow Numb! This creamy numbing agent is by far the best I have ever used, and I have tried quite a few to get to the right level of comfort for my clients.

Brow Numb takes 30 min to kick in when you pre-numb but cuts down the need to reapply throughout the service so much that it ends up saving you time! I use this to pre numb, reapply a smidge with my first pigment soak and then don't use it again until my very last pigment soak before the reveal. This stuff will literally keep your client pain free for the whole appointment, most of mine fall asleep. I also appreciate that when you rub it in with your pigment soak, it doesn't give you a goopy, balled up texture. It stays creamy and easily wipes off with my Ink Soap after sitting for a moment. This is my holy grail numbing cream and I couldn't recommend it enough!

So there you have it, my favorite products for tattooing that have genuinely changed my healed results. When my clients come in for their 6-8 week touchup, I barely have any work to do. Most of the time, we get them numbing right off the bat and we're done within an hour. No re-mapping, no colour correcting, nada. My work heals crisp, clear and true to colour, which saves me time and money as an artist. It also helps to extend the longevity of my work, which in turn keeps my clients happy and coming back! Everyone wins!

Let me know if you try out any of these products and what you think of them! I would love to see the improvement that high quality products bring to your work as they have mine!

Sending you love and kindness,


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