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Exploring Accomplishments: A Look Back At 2021

We made it! The last blog post of 2021 is here!

To celebrate my first 'full' year as a business owner, I wanted to explore the accomplishments and goals I set (and completed) this year. Not only does this help me reflect and stay present through gratitude and self acknowledgment, but I hope it brings you some inspiration because if I can do it, I believe you can too!

I started my business in September of 2020, but to be honest those first few months were a total guessing game. Learning the ins and outs of business with little to no focus on my actual job, just to try to keep things afloat. It wasn't easy, in fact it was extremely difficult. I was mind-numbingly stressed and running myself into the ground while I attempted to get PRISM off the ground.

Thankfully, I stuck with my gut and continued to grind it out. Now I don't use this phrase lightly, because my version of grind it out isn't working 12+ hour days, 7 days a week with no capability of saying no. I built things MY way. I stayed slow. I stayed half booked. I stayed working weekly hours that worked for ME. I did this because I knew that if I broke myself building the business, I'd be leaving it behind within the year because my passion would fizzle out with the biz.

By having patience and taking things slow, I built a sustainable business model for myself within the first year of being open. I'm currently offering services I LOVE and my schedule serves my clients without taking away my extremely important personal time.

Here are ALL of the goals I set and crushed this year:

I built a full clientele of regular Esthetics clients in 6 months, to the point of needing to cut out lash services to make room for the bigger ticket services.

I implemented strong boundaries/policies from the get go that only draw in clients who are ready to invest, support and trust in me and my business.

I moved into a beautiful studio space with two of my closest friends, bringing such immense joy to my work life every day.

I got comfortable with social media and being on camera again. I took courses, trialed and errored and hit the ground running with online marketing. I am now at a place where I click 2 buttons in the morning to post and my content is planned a minimum of 1 month ahead.

I filled my schedule a minimum of 1 month ahead with tattoo services, including some services that have been on my wishlist for YEARS.

I leveled up my education (I added 9 certifications from Sept 2020-December 2021) by adding services that I'm incredibly passionate about, as well as upgrading services that I already offered.

I changed my business name and style to reflect me and my vision for the future.

I am bringing incredible NEW paramedical services to Saskatoon in 2022. Services that I have dreamed about offering since I started Microblading in 2018!

Now, none of these accomplishments are meant to brag, make you feel like you haven't done enough or that you won't be able to do it. Guess what?


2 years ago, I was extremely depressed with high functioning anxiety. I lived paycheck to paycheck and was constantly stressed about my next meal, whether my rent would be paid and whether I could afford to work anywhere but a secure 9-5 that made me feel burnt out.

I knew it wasn't what I was meant for, but I felt hopeless. Next, we got hit with Covid-19 and I was at home for 3 months living off of government money and the bare minimum necessities. I say this with acknowledgement of my privlege, but I finally felt free. I dedicated all of my time to myself. I broke off an extremely toxic relationship with the help of police intervention. I spent all of my time reading, writing or moving my body. I spent all of my money and time on personal development and I became my best self (up to that point, remember, we are always growing). Something inside me was saying it was time to make the changes I needed.

So I did. I quit my job without a back up plan, I distanced myself from unfulfilling relationships, I put my head down and went for what I wanted.

And now I have it, less than 2 years later.

Is my life perfect? Heck no.

Am I a millionaire? Not yet.

Do I have more to learn and do? Heck yes.

BUT 2021 was an incredible year. I have watched myself move mountains to get to my goals and I have created a life that I love by sticking to my goals and believing that I could do it.

I can't wait to step into 2022, set my goals and cross them off the list as the year goes by.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has supported and loved me through this first year of PRISM. I am eternally grateful for the success and the love that I am experiencing every day. If you are someone who is where I was at 2 years ago, let's chat. I want to help you get to your best life too.

Sending you love and kindness as we enter the New Year,


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