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Consultations: Virtual or In-Person?

Back at it on a Friday with some info on consultations for you!

I offer Virtual and In-Person Consultations for my clients because I get that you're busy or just don't want to leave your couch. I can show some appreciation for convenience! That's why I offer the option of booking in for any style consult that suits you. I'll outline the options below so that you can choose the best one for your schedule!

First off, let's talk virtual. This option is perfect for anyone who prefers communicating via email or text and has never had any brow tattoos done. I will request that you send photos of brows that you love, so make sure to have some brow inspo on hand (Top Tip: try to look for inspiration that includes natural brows that look similar to yours, that way we can keep expectations closer to reality!). Once I've seen your brows and brow wishlist, I'll send you a my suggested brow shape and which tattoo technique I would recommend to achieve it. If we're both happy with the plan, you can book a spot online, pay your booking fee and be on your way to your dream brows without leaving your house and within your schedule! This whole process typically takes 24-48hrs tops!

We can also chat in person for consultations and I do require this for anyone with previous PMU or Cosmetic Tattoo work done. I need to be able to assess any scarring and residual pigment in the skin clearly to ensure that I feel confident in the correction or can give you my best advice for how to achieve your dream brows with removal/lighting processes.

If you choose the in-person option, we'll start by looking at the way you fill your brows in if you use makeup on them daily. This also gives me a better idea of what you're used to seeing in the mirror so I can manage your expectations when discussing results. Then we remove your makeup, I'll map out my suggested shape and suggest my recommended technique. Once we both feel comfortable with the brow plan, we can schedule your appointment and handle payment for the booking fee right in studio! This is a great option for anyone who feels more comfortable chatting in person or feels a bit nervous or unsure about the process. I have a better opportunity to put your mind at ease and help with the process if we're able to connect face to face!

I also offer over the phone consultations, and these are best for discussing any direct questions you have! Once this one is booked, we can chat via phone call at your booked time to go over anything you're curious about! This option only works if you don't have any previous tattoos and if you don't need to see my suggested/mapped out brow before coming in.

Keep in mind that before any appointment for Cosmetic Tattoos starts, we go through a mini consult to map out your brows and go over what to expect so a consult isn't necessary unless you want to chat before booking!

Hopefully this post will make booking in for consultations easier and give you that loving push to get those dream brows! See you on Monday, my friends!

Sending you love and kindness,


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