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5 Tips For Enhancing Your Client Experience

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm so excited to share my favorite tips for elevating the client experience with you! I've worked extremely hard over my last 5.5 years in the beauty industry to ensure that my studio space is comfy and inviting for everyone that visits!

Something that I learned very early in my journey was that the best way to make a client feel comfortable is to cover the five senses. It's a fool proof way of keeping your space inviting and clean while being able to add pieces of yourself to showcase your space the way you should, as your home away from home.

Let's take a look at the five senses and the ways I like to tap into them to make every client happy and comfy!


This is a big one! Making sure your space is inviting and that your client is able to lay comfortably is a huge part of repeat bookings, and we all know that is the bread and butter of our business.

While I cannot offer blankets or cozy sheets to Cosmetic Tattoo clients, we do have an adjustable bed warmer, foam pad and knee bolster pillow underneath the cover to make up for it! Not only does this help keep your client still during services, it also comforts them and gives them an opportunity to rest while you work your magic.

For any esthetics services, we've got soft sheets on the bed and blankets for those of you who are always freezing and need all the warmth possible to relax (like me)!


This one has quite a few notches to tick in terms of ways you can elevate this side of the client experience!

Your space needs to be clean and tidy at all time, no exceptions. Clients will always notice and remember if a space is unkept in any way. Make sure to have a checklist for when you arrive and when you leave every day to make this easy for you to keep up with. Clean all surfaces, restock any retail products, stock the paper towel and toilet paper in your client washroom and make sure any snacks or drinks you offer are fresh and in the fridge if needed!

Personal touches are another great way to connect with clients via sight! Don't over do it, make sure your space still looks professional but adding some pet photos, cute hobby-related decor or retail products you use and love yourself can be great ways to connect on a personal level and get to know your clients better. I have a small portrait of my beloved cat, George up in the studio window as well as some trinkets from my home that I have on display for talking points with clients. Luckily for me, George tends to be a great conversation starter for even the most shy clients because he is so damn cute!

Lastly, make sure to stick with one colour scheme (ideally your brand colours) when decorating or painting. I like to envision the first time client experience as taking a step into my world, a place to relax and practice self care through ink and esthetics. Aside from retail products, everything in our studio is black, white, grey, green, beige and pink to reflect all three businesses equally and clearly. This also cements your branding into your clients mind, meaning they are more likely to associate thoughts of you and your biz when seeing those colours grouped together outside of the studio!


Most studios play music of some sort while they're open. Whether you choose to play music with or without lyrics, try to keep things slower paced and 'chill' to keep your clients relaxed. Loud music, mixed genres, extremely vulgar or inappropriate lyrics can really turn a client off from booking again. I have a bluetooth speaker, which you can find in any colour, shape and size you desire. Typically I play Spotify curated playlists and sometimes my own personal playlists depending on the day and clients I have booked in. For Spotify, I search for 'chill vibes', 'relaxing pop', 'study music' and 'sunday vibes'. This brings up tons of options to choose from and shuffle through so your clients don't hear the same 30 songs every time they're in for a service. Avoiding the radio is best because the ads can be distracting and there is more opportunity for repeats or inconsistent music that can do the same. You want your client focussing on their service and conversation with you, not the noise in the background or the Cardi B blasting on the radio.

Keeping your voice low, steady and calm is also extremely important when communicating with clients. Not only does this help ease nerves for anyone feeling anxious, but it also sets the tone for them to make sure they relax and enjoy the down time while you do your thing.


One of the easiest ones to master, smell can make or break a service experience faster than Dollarama candles burn out!

Speaking of candles, get some and put them anywhere that is safe. Stick with lighter scents that aren't too citrusy or floral and make sure to invest in good quality brands. They will burn longer, smell better and give you more bang for your buck in the long run. My faves are any by Bath & Body Works or Glade candles for a drugstore option! Candles also play into sight a little bit because they give a cozy and home like appearance to the space, especially in the winter time!

If you have a client washroom, make sure there is a room spray or odor drops to keep things smelling fresh for every new client throughout the day. Hand soap is also a great opportunity for a soft scent that will stay with your client. Bonus points if you can have your candle, soap & spray smelling similar as it will remind your client of you and your biz when smelling it elsewhere!

Finally, let your clients know before hand if any part of your service has a scent to it. Setting up the expectation can reduce how 'bad' it smells to the client and let them know the smell is normal, not the result of something going wrong. When I do Lash Lifts or Brow Laminations, anyone within 5ft will be able to smell the perm solution, so I always tell my clients to expect a 'perm' smell before I open the product and apply it to their lashes or brows. There should never be any surprises for your client unless its gifts or discounts at the end of their service.


This last one may come as a bit of a surprise, but it is an underrated way to add an extra bit of 'special' to your client experience.

Try to at least have cold and room temp water bottles available for clients, especially if your services take up longer time slots. Bonus points if you can provide juice/pop/coffee/tea or alcoholic beverages(for a small cost) to clients as well! Remember that Cosmetic Tattoo clients cannot have caffeine or alcohol before their appointments but you could have to-go cups to offer them their coffee fix when they are done!

I also like to have small, individually wrapped candies or chocolates on hand to throw into aftercare kits, or just in a bowl on the checkout desk as a little treat when they leave. This is a great opportunity to have holiday themed treats throughout the year too!

There are so many ways to elevate your client experience from good to great and it will reflect directly in your rebooking process and help you hold onto clients for years to come. Remember that the clients that book with you and are blown away by the entire experience are the ones that will support your business for as long as they can. Showing gratitude and appreciation for those who choose you for their services and take time from their schedule to see you are the clients that you owe part of your success too. Being transparent in this by investing in comforts and small luxuries will return to you x1000 and is one of my top tips for anyone starting new in entrepreneurship.

Want to experience the PRISM INK vibe? Book in for any service to come hang out, nap and chat with me whenever works for you!

Sending you love and kindness,


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