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Owner + Artist of PRISM INK


Hi there! My name is Dakota and I am the Owner & Artist of PRISM INK + EDUATION. I am 29 years old with a love for adventure, encouraging self care, travelling the world with my partner and my fat orange cat, George. I am incredibly passionate about promoting self love and self care, with a strong belief that kindness & gratitude are the keys to a fulfilling life. I am proud to offer a safe, inclusive and accepting studio space for all of my clients and truly put my entire heart into my business every single day. Everything you see on my website, social media or studio room is a small piece of me that I am so thankful to share with you, and I hope to leave a lasting impression personally and professionally with every client that visits me and every student that learns from me. Having the opportunity to change lives through Tattoos, Esthetics + my Online Academy is truly a dream come true. 

For as long as I can remember, esthetics and art have been significant influences on my life. From being a young girl in my mother's hair salon to indulging in performance arts throughout highschool, it was evident that my interest in beauty - paired with my creativity - were more than just excuses to force my friends into makeovers and basement musicals. I left my secondary education with an added passion for business, searching for a way to incorporate my love for all of it into one fulfilling career. Within that pursuit of passion, the concept of PRISM INK was born. 


I began my professional journey by learning everything that I could about Lash Styling in 2016, which fueled my passion for my creativity and business like never before. I had been working as a live-out nanny for a few years and wanted something I could do in between my nanny jobs. Once I got a feel for things, I quit my nanny job and began lashing full time. After working with lashes for 1 year, I decided to expand my repertoire into the world of brows!​ I established myself as a brow artist in 2017 by becoming educated in the processes of Brow Lamination, Shaping & Tinting and fell in love with boosting my clients natural brows in a way that complimented their features without being overwhelming. I've always loved a fluffy, full and realistic looking eyebrow, and that is what drew me to the results of my next menu addition! Once I was introduced to the incredibly rewarding and life-changing world of Cosmetic/Restorative Tattoos in 2018, I was instantly captivated by the process and results. I loved having the ability to create natural looking, 'I grew them myself' brows for clients that struggled with their natural growth and am grateful to be a small part of every clients self love journey!

Thank you so much to all of my clients and students for inspiring me, for supporting me and for allowing me to express my passion for self love and creativity through my work every day!