Why Choose PRISM INK Education?

PRISM INK Education was founded out of love for continued knowledge and community.

Dakota Danyluk, Owner + Artist of PRISM INK shares her education and experience from working in the beauty industry for over 5 years. After becoming tired of living paycheck to paycheck, feeling burnt out and unhappy working for others, Dakota decided to take her skills and passion for her work into her own hands in 2020. In the midst of a global pandemic, she managed to go from pinching pennies and barely scraping rent together to being debt free in only 12 months. With an eye for detail and a hunger for growth, there are so many valuable tools she is eager to share. Dakota is bringing education for artists and clients to their fingertips, breaking down the barrier between them to bring comfort and connection to your business or bookings.

Clients can now choose any service E-Book to get an easy break down of everything they need to know when booking an appointment with us. You will learn about the basics, process and important details of your chosen service from the comfort of your home while putting you on the path for the best results possible!

Fellow artists will SOON be able to get an inside look at our bespoke Brow Services, as well as how to maximize your marketing to get the most out of social media and fill your books with paying clients.

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Meet Your Educator

Founder + Owner + Artist + Educator

Over 5 years of industry and business experience is brought to life with easy to follow, self paced and knowledgeable online courses that set you up for success.

Dakota is educated on owning a small business as well as offering personal services to clients. She is a Cosmetic & Restorative Tattoo Artist and an experienced Esthetician with over 5 years in the industry. She holds multiple certifications for her studio services as well as business management and social media management. With a passion for continued education and sharing the power of knowledge with her community, Dakota can give you the tools you need to succeed.


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